Twenty-five-year-old Chandigarh girl's green initiative involves local craftsmen to produce handmade artisanal planters

Twenty-five-year-old Chandigarh girl's green initiative involves local craftsmen to produce handmade artisanal planters

Chandigarh, June 15, 2021 (kulbir kalsi)A young Chandigarh girl Atman Sandhu's love for the environment and art inspired her to set up 'Shibui India’, a unique 'green startup' that designs & produces beautiful handmade and hand-painted planters which are then delivered through an online platform. It's interesting to note that 'Shibui' is a Japanese word that means the blending of perfect and imperfect together and finding beauty in simplicity.


"I was finding and exploring a gap in the planters' market space, that combined with my love for minimalistic design and a keen eye for aesthetics led to the birth of 'Shibui'. The essence of 'Shibui' is to create an aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive design as I believe there is magic in minimalistic design. The idea was to create an artisanal range of planters that appear simple to look at but include subtle details such as textures and colors that balance simplicity with complexity." says Atman who is a graduate of DU's prestigious Lady Shri Ram College for Women. 


Atman further says, "It is a whole generation of people who have postponed having children and are now diverting their attention onto raising houseplants. If you’ve chosen the green path to parenthood, then there are multiple things to note, plant influencers to follow and minimalistic planters to purchase in order to be a successful one. The new normal is much like baby accessories, new and growing plants need stylish cribs to call home. The artists at 'Shibui' India are able to create beautiful and unique designs."


Atman's belief in fairness & equality too is at the heart of the venture. 'Shibui' is not just a startup that focuses on bettering the environment by use of stylish & creatively designed planters,  but also is a shining example of social entrepreneurship. The reason: about a dozen artists, painters & labourers are supported by the initiative .


Adds Atman, "The ideal way to fulfill my desire of giving back to society was through supporting local craftsmen in my community, India is filled with various kinds of talent and we at 'Shibui' have only recognized and empowered that talent." 


'Shibui's' workshop is located in Chandigarh where the planters are handmade and hand painted.


Atman's genuine sensitivity towards society & environment is reflected in the planters she produces. These are made of a mix of environment-friendly and ethical materials like fiber-glass, resin, & water. Fiberglass's main ingredient  is glass. Since glass is made from sand ─ an abundant, natural, non-depleting resource it doesn't harm the environmental balance.


Atman has experience of working in the field of journalism and digital marketing, which gave her the required skill set to set up an e-commerce business. Her online platform in the midst of the pandemic, has made shopping for planters for green enthusiasts much easier.


Sums up Atman, "My dream is to become a household name in India as a 'Shibui' planter really completes one's personal and professional space. I want to collaborate with people and brands that are heading towards building a greener world. The ultimate aim is to work with  interior designers and landscapists all over the country and also to ship worldwide eventually.