Yaar Anmulle Returns’ first song ‘Jatt Ni Tinka’ is about the friendship between Punjab and Haryana!

Chandigarh, August 26, 2021 (Kulbir Singh Kalsi):  Time and relationship can’t be on standby as it grows or changes with time likewise is the change we are witnessing these days among the people of Haryana and Punjab as their unity grows during the farmer protests, proves it all that they can forget all the grudges when it’s needed.

Similarly, Yaar Anmulle returns, and is set to release in 15 days. As though the poster isn’t teasing enough, they have released a new song, titled ‘Jatt Ni Tinka’, to hype up the iconic incomplete story in Yaar Anmulle. Also, the song highlighted specifically the love between Punjab and Haryana.

The new song, set against Yaar Anmulle Returns iconic couple Tinka and Priyanka, features actors Harish Verma and Jesleen Slaich where they are expressing their love after forgetting their grudges to be together.