Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann to Seek Supreme Court Intervention Over Pending Bills and Governor’s Actions

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann to Seek Supreme Court Intervention Over Pending Bills and Governor’s Actions

Chandigarh, October 20:

Punjab’s Chief Minister, Bhagwant Singh Mann, has announced that the state government intends to seek the intervention of the Supreme Court to resolve the outstanding bills currently held up by the state’s uncooperative Governor.

During a debate in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, the Chief Minister expressed his concerns regarding the Governor’s behavior, characterizing it as an attempt to obstruct a democratically elected government’s efforts to make decisions in the best interests of the people. Mann firmly asserted that the Governor’s actions would not withstand legal scrutiny and would be overturned by the Supreme Court. He further stated that the Governor’s perceived arrogance toward the Punjabi populace would not be tolerated.

Mann declared that until this issue is resolved in the Supreme Court, the state government would not submit any bills in the assembly. He directly called on the Governor to desist from using his position to threaten the people of Punjab. Mann expressed his dismay that, although the state’s citizens had elected their government, the appointed Governor was creating hindrances to the government’s smooth functioning.

The Chief Minister emphasized that the Governor’s actions were preventing the state government from working for the welfare of the people. He lamented that pro-people bills and initiatives were being delayed, undermining the state’s development. Mann made it clear that the Governor’s authoritarian behavior would not be tolerated, and the government would seek justice through the Supreme Court.

Mann explained that the state government had proposed three financial bills to increase Punjab’s revenue for the sake of the state’s development. However, he criticized the Governor for refusing to consent to these bills. The Chief Minister pointed out that the Governor was questioning the validity of the legislative session, effectively hindering the government from making decisions that would benefit the people.

Mann expressed his disappointment with the Governor’s questioning of the rationale behind power subsidies and other welfare initiatives. He recognized the burden of inherited debt from past governments but asserted that, like their counterparts in Kerala, Bengal, and Tamil Nadu, the Punjab Governor should not obstruct the state government’s operations.

The Chief Minister highlighted that the Governor’s intransigence had cost the state significantly, with Rs. 25 lakh of taxpayer money being spent on relief from the Supreme Court due to the Governor’s unwillingness to allow budget sessions. He stressed that if the state government were to make mistakes, the people would hold them accountable, and the Governor should refrain from interfering in the government’s activities.

Mann also presented a letter from the former Parliamentary Affairs Brahm Mahindra, which reiterated the need for the current legislative session. He emphasized that this was not the first time such a session had been called, but the Governor was unreasonably obstructing it. The Chief Minister pledged to fight for the state and its people’s legitimate rights.

Mann applauded the athletes who had participated in the Asian Games and brought medals to the state. He noted the government’s strong emphasis on promoting sports and celebrated Punjab’s record 19 medals in the recently concluded Asian Games, making it the leading state in the tally since the Games’ inception.

The Chief Minister also addressed the issue of pending petrol and diesel cess worth Rs. 170 crore with the Union government. Mann mentioned his recent discussions with Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, who agreed to advance Rs. 80 crore to the state. This funding will be utilized for the state’s well-being and development.

Mann also revealed plans to launch a Sky Transport service in Amritsar, catering to pilgrims and tourists. This service will feature cable cars capable of carrying 30 passengers each and will connect prominent locations in the city, including the Wagah border.

The Chief Minister concluded by announcing a period of mourning from December 20-30 to honor the supreme sacrifice made by Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s family during that month, marking a solemn tribute by the state government.

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