Punjab Tourism Summit and Travel Mart will showcase state’s rich heritage as well as boost tourism: Anmol Gagan Mann

Punjab Tourism Summit and Travel Mart will showcase state’s rich heritage as well as boost tourism: Anmol Gagan Mann

Hyderabad/Chandigarh, 25th August

The Punjab Government has announced the Punjab Tourism Summit and Travel Mart to be held in Mohali from September 11 to 13, 2023.

In order to create awareness about this conference, roadshows are being conducted successively across the country by the tourism department of Punjab. The first road show was inaugurated on August 23 in Jaipur, after which a function was held in Mumbai on August 24, in which information was given about the efforts being made by the state government to boost tourism. After this, the ceremony was held in Hyderabad today. It is worth mentioning that the last road show of this series will be held on 26 August in Delhi.

During the inaugural function, Punjab Tourism and Cultural Affairs Minister Anmol Gagan Mann mentioned the government’s firm commitment to promote tourism in the state. He said that the Punjab government is constantly striving to boost tourism by creating different opportunities for the tourists and local people coming here.

He further said that our initiatives are aimed at enhancing the credibility of the state by providing business-friendly policies and various benefits and concessions. Talking about the recent investment, he also informed about the favorable environment for business in addition to special concessions and benefits in the tourism and hospitality sector.

He said that the Punjab Tourism Summit will showcase the state’s rich heritage, customs and various folk arts to showcase Punjab as a preferred destination for tourism. He said that Chief Minister S. The Punjab government led by Bhagwant Singh Maan is fully active to boost tourism by taking various initiatives.

Tourism Minister Anmol Gagan Mann said that Punjab Travel Mart will play an important role in bringing professionals related to the tourism sector from across the country and abroad on one platform. Foreign and domestic tour operators, DMCs, DMOs, travel trade media, travel influencers, hotel operators, B&B and farm stay owners, tourism boards and other key stakeholders are expected to participate. He hoped that during this summit, which will be attended by stakeholders from different sectors, the state of Punjab will establish its identity as a preferred tourist destination across the world.

He said that Amritsar, Rupnagar, Ludhiana, Patiala and Fatehgarh Sahib are already attracting the attention of foreign tourists. On behalf of the tourism department, Punjab will be made a leading state in the field of Indian tourism, which will pave the way for Punjab to gain an important position in international tourism by the year 2030.

Anmol Gagan Mann also highlighted the government’s initiatives to take forward the comprehensive tourism vision of Punjab. Cabinet Minister said that N. R. I. Medical tourism and modern dental facilities are all set for development in Jalandhar with special focus on dental tourism. He further said that everyone is well aware of the existing dental tourism in Punjab. The purpose of strategic development of water and adventure parks is to attract more and more tourists in the state.

Along with this, beautiful farm stage and cottage stay in rural areas rich in natural beauty will provide a charming and better experience. He said that Kartarpur pilgrimage is ready for promotion and new state tourism app is also ready to provide comprehensive information about different initiatives of the state. Anmol Gagan Mann also highlighted the enthusiasm of the young ministers of the government, their true passion for the state and the immense potential of Punjab to make an important place on the world tourism map.

Appreciating the government’s efforts, Principal Secretary Tourism and Cultural Affairs Rakhi Gupta Bhandari emphasized the importance of two key initiatives in tourism: wellness and women. These initiatives play an important role in attracting wellness seekers with Punjab’s serene atmosphere and rich cultural heritage and empowering women in the tourism industry. He further said that Punjab’s desire to emerge as a wellness center is in harmony with its cultural heritage. In addition, empowerment of women in tourism plays an important role in socio-economic development. We want to make a positive difference by encouraging women’s participation and offering training and financial support.

Punjab’s initiatives include Investment Punjab, Comprehensive Investment Promotion Office and financial incentives on tourism under the Industrial Policy 2022. Adventure and water tourism, wellness tourism, medical tourism, and agri/eco-tourism etc. are being focused on by the state for tourism development with emphasis on rural homes and farm stays. These initiatives are expected to put Punjab on the world tourism map and further improve the standard of living and livelihood of the residents of Punjab.

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